DJ Slider

DJ Slider plays every Tuesday at 8pm gmt+1 or 7pm UK time.

19:00 - 21:00

I've always been into music that makes people dance. No matter what genre. Ever since I was a teenager I messed about with computer programs like Rebirth, Reason, Atomix, the first version of Virtual DJ... cause it was fun to be able to create any sound/melody/mix I had in my mind. The interest for music slowly became a passion and in 2006 I set up a small home studio and I've been DJing ever since!

In the summer of 2008 I started playing for Kick radio, back then it was still called Kick106. It's a great community with some really amazing DJ's! Check it out!!

I play here every Tuesday at 8pm gmt+1 or 7pm UK time.
I mainly play progressive and tech house, but not exclusively. My background is trance and retro. I feel like I'm constantly evolving though. I keep an open mind and try to combine various styles.

Kick Radio is a non-profit community owned station. However we still have to pay the bills for hosting the site and stream. Please give what ever you can to help us keep going :)