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Generations Radio Show - with Eric Lee

Generations Radio Show - with Eric Lee

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Eric has been dj'ing now for nearly 30 years - thats exactly 30 more than it should have been.

It has been said he is the greatest dj ever known - by his wife.

What he doesn't know about dance music - is quite shameful.

He began annoying the aural cavaties of the local yoof down in the south of England - and then inexplicably was allowed to play records to paying adults. Many times.

He then found his true calling at local illegal rave parties - getting arrested and told to shut the feck up by the local Police.

Inexcusable forays into the world of clubs, parties, bars and universities in the south and London still confuse folk to this day.

He was eventually forced to emigrate and peddle his annoying brand of club music in Scotland.

When asked what music he plays, he simply says " i play what i like and i like what i play" - mainly because he lost the ability to know what to call the middle ground between house and techno when he started shaving.

His 'eclectic' (read: disorganised) blend of new underground music continually baffles the poor listeners every Thursday at 10pm.

He doesn't need his ageing ego stroked any more than it has been - avoid the aural onslaught if you value your sanity..................


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