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Joseph Christian presents: Opulence

Joseph Christian presents: Opulence

02:00 - 04:00


Joseph Christian, Luke Disko, and Paul Neuromancer are from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. They blend the deep, the weird, the funky, and the unexpected. Each show runs a minimum of 2 hours. Guest mixes weekly.


Friday Nights // Saturday MorningsOp 44- November 2/3- Tom Cole (SKINT // KMS // Natura Vivia // Barouque // Pacha // Audiophile)- Terry Vernixx (Deep Site Space // 1982 Recordings)  

Op 45- November 9/10- Adnan Jakubovic (Happy birthday, Adnan!) (Bonzai // Barouque // Balkan Connection // Soundteller Records)

Op 46- November 16/17- Nifra (Netherlands) (Coldharbour // Black Hole Recordings // Armada // Premier) 

Op 47- November 30/ December 1- TBA

Op 48- December 7/8- Burufunk- (Seattle, USA) and Adrack 

Op 49- December 21/22- Cosmic Fusion

OP 50- Best of 2018!! Sets from: Pedro Nazer, Division One, Jourdan Bordes, Joseph Christian, and more TBA

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