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Opulence with Joseph Christian, Luke Disko, Jourdan Bordes, Jason Dunne, and Paul Neuromancer.

Opulence with Joseph Christian, Luke Disko, Jourdan Bordes, Jason Dunne, and Paul Neuromancer.. Progressive/ Techno/ House/ Tech-House/ Tech-Trance/ Intelligent Drum and Bass/ Downtempo/ Ambient/ Psy/ Sounds

23:00 - 01:00


Opulence is: Joseph Christian, Luke Disko, Paul Neuromancer, Jourdan Bordes, and Jason Dunne aka The Opulent Family. are from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. They blend the deep, the weird, the funky, and the unexpected. Each show runs a minimum of 2 hours. Guest mixes weekly.


Opulence on Kick Radio UK- Friday Nights // Saturday Mornings

Op 41- October 12/13- Jamez/ Trancesetters- (Netherlands) (Rough Cut // Tronic Soundz // Repressure // Bonzai)

Op 42- October 19/20- Graham Gold (Koh Phangan, Thailand) (Newcomer mix by: Luke Ortiz aka General Genre)

Op 43- October 26/27- Christian Barbuto (Austin, USA) (Cock Pitch Records // Weekend Weapons // DNCTRX // Octopus Records)

Op 44- November 2/3- Tom Cole (Ireland) (SKINT // KMS // Natura Vivia // Barouque // Pacha // Audiophile)- Terry Vernixx (Deep Site Space // 1982 Recordings)

Op 45- November 9/10- Adnan Jakubovic (Germany) (Happy birthday, Adnan!) (Bonzai // Barouque // Balkan Connection // Soundteller Records)

Op 46- November 16/17- Nifra (Netherlands) (Coldharbour // Black Hole Recordings // Armada // Premier)

Op 47- November 30/ December 1- TBA

Op 48- December 7/8- Burufunk- (Seattle, USA) and Adrack (Balitmore, USA)

Op 49- December 21/22- Cosmic Fusion (Abq, USA)

OP 50- Best of 2018!! Sets from: Danilo Ercole (Brazil), Christian Monique (Spain/ Italy), Papa Beats (USA), Pedro Nazer (Argentina), Division 1 (Poland), Jourdan Bordes (USA), Feeltrip (USA), BadCat (USA), Rob Zile (Australia), & the Kick Radio UK and Opulence crew: Joseph Christian, Neuromancer, and Luke Disko.

OP 51- January 3/4 (DB) TBC

OP 52- January 11/12 TBC

OP 53- January 18/19 Andromedha (Krakow, Poland) (J00F Recordings, Silk Music, PHW Elements, Nueva, Freegrant, and White Soho) 

Op 54- January 25/26 TBC

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