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Opulence with Joseph Christian, Jourdan Bordes, Jason Dunne, and Paul Neuromancer.

Opulence with Joseph Christian, Jourdan Bordes, Jason Dunne, and Paul Neuromancer.. Progressive/ Techno/ House/ Tech-House/ Tech-Trance/ Intelligent Drum and Bass/ Downtempo/ Ambient/ Psy/ Sounds

23:00 - 01:00


Opulence is: Joseph Christian, Paul Neuromancer, Jourdan Bordes, and Jason Dunne aka The Opulent Family.  They blend the deep, the weird, the funky, and the unexpected. Each show runs a minimum of 2 hours. Guest mixes weekly.


Opulence on Kick Radio UK- Friday Nights // Saturday Mornings

Op 48- December 7/8- Burufunk- (Seattle, USA) and Adrack (Balitmore, USA)

Op 49- December 21/22- Cosmic Fusion (Abq, USA)

OP 50- Best of 2018!! Sets from: Danilo Ercole (Brazil), Christian Monique (Spain/ Italy), Papa Beats (USA), Pedro Nazer (Argentina), Division 1 (Poland), Jourdan Bordes (USA), Feeltrip (USA), BadCat (USA), Rob Zile (Australia), & the Kick Radio UK and Opulence crew: Joseph Christian, Neuromancer, and Jason Dunne! 

OP 51- January 3/4 Jourdan Bordes w/ guest TBA

OP 52- January 11/12 Neuromancer w/ Ja 

OP 53- January 18/19 Andromedha (Krakow, Poland) (J00F Recordings, Silk Music, PHW Elements, Nueva, Freegrant, and White Soho) 

Op 54- January 25/26 Jason Dunne w/ Mars Cruiser

Op 55- TBA

Op 56- TBA

Op 57- TBA

Op 58- TBA

Op 59- TBA

Op 60- TBA

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