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u4ric Wake & Bake

u4ric Wake & Bake live every Sunday

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Hello everyone. I DJ under the alias u4ric which is a metaphor for the 4th dimension of consciousness which I achieved through euphoric experiences of love and music.

My early experiences of music I guess was quite sheltered in that I never heard anything that could be considered popular of the times. I grew up solely listening to London pirate radio stations and it was always the ones that would just play continuous music without any vocal host or MC's. So I started with early 80's disco and house, then hardcore and d'n'b, then garage, then progressive and trance and finally techno.

When I first got into clubbing which was quite late, around 2002 I started writing club and DJ reviews in my blog and they were noticed by a few people in the industry who invited me to start writing reviews for them and then they got published in a few magazines and websites and I started getting noticed by DJ's and promoters. So for many years I was spending a lot of time around DJ's getting to know them and getting invited back to their apartments for after parties where there would usually be decks and a lot of records about to mess about with.

Then in 2008 I was lucky enough to snap up a pair of mint condition 1210s really cheap off ebay which meant I could start practicing every day. At that time a couple of very close DJ mates gave me some sage advice which has continued to be my mantra today, firstly I was told never to try and copy anyone else or be too strongly influenced by other peoples opinions on the definition of a DJ and the second most important advice was to not aim to be the best or make tons of money from it but to just have fun and as long as I am having fun then that passion will shine through in my sets.

In 2009 I got involved with an online radio station called Kick Radio which I am still involved with today and consider most of the other DJ's my closest friends. Whiles listening to their shows I was introduced to genres of music and styles of DJing I had never experienced before and one such style spoke to me in a way that just felt right and opened up a whole new avenue of music sparked my imagination and passion for music which was jazz, brokenbeats and trip hop. I spent many sleepless nights exploring all these new artists and labels and eventually created a whole new sound for myself which I felt best suited my self expression through sound.

In 2012 I was given a prime Sunday slot on Kick of and my Wake and Bake show was created which become very popular and I reachieved a lot of support from listeners all over the world. Through that I was invited to play my first live club set in Germany for a label involved with Kick called Tanz-Kultur. I have also played in a club in London and a festival in Sussex with From The Flames.

Kick Radio is a non-profit community owned station. However we still have to pay the bills for hosting the site and stream. Please give what ever you can to help us keep going :)